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How to Update Realtek Drivers in Windows 11

For the Intel CPU platform, you need to manually install Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver during the Windows installation process. You can also refer to the Intel document of How to Configure RAID or Intel Optane Memory with Intel RST on an Intel VMD Capable Platform. For some strange reason, some USB flash drives, albeit compatible, won’t load all the installation files. In this case, it would be advisable to install Media Creation Tool on a different USB stick. Windows 11 Setup allows you to do a clean installation of Windows 11 or to keep your personal files and apps. HP recommends backing up all data before installing in case of data loss.

how to update drivers windows 11

The following downloads are for Desktop GPUs ONLY. These are the NVIDIA drivers you need if you have an ION/ION LE or GeForce GPU installed in your desktop computer. If you have any previous beta version of this driver installed, please update to v531.41 as soon as possible. It’s almost always a better idea to have the WHQL certified version of a driver installed. If you wish to install the recommended driver, you can execute the following command to do so.

How to Update Your Nvidia Drivers

” to automatically download and install the required NVIDIA drivers. However, the most important reason to update your NVIDIA drivers is for the added support and performance improvements when playing games. While the new driver is installing, it is very common for the screen to turn black and re-appear. This may change the size of any windows you have open, but this is normal until installation is complete. From here there are three options on how to find and update your graphic card driver.

  • We have thousands of articles and guides to help you troubleshoot any issue.
  • These are just some reasons that may force you to find another way to install or update your driver.
  • Thankfully, over time Microsoft has developed and deployed a slew of tools that can help you counter these bugs.

Using such updater apps saves you a lot of time and the hassles involved in updating device drivers manually. Bit Driver Updater is the best option to instantly update all outdated PC drivers with a few mouse clicks. All you need to do is- logitech g930 drivers download simply download and install the driver updater tool on your device. Then, the tool automatically scans your system for broken, missing, or outdated drivers, and later on, provides the new ones.

Keeping your drivers up to date is mandatory for a good device performance

Alienware users can get driver software from Dell’s website, as Dell owns the Alienware brand. If none of the above options work, you should remove the drive from its external enclosure and test the drive on its own. The components that convert the SATA drive into USB can fail, meaning the drive could be just fine if you connect it some other way.

  • If you need the data on the drive, then you will want to consider data recovery.
  • If Windows is unable to find the update, it will notify you with a “No updates were found” message.
  • 🪢 Avoid bending the USB cable too much when using the drive, especially around the drive’s USB port.
  • Computers that use certain types of chipsets and have Advanced Format hard disk drives installed might receive such installation errors.

Before reformatting or wiping the USB drive, it’d be best to back up the file on another USB stick. Making a copy will prevent you from losing Windows 10 since there’s no way to undo a wiped USB drive. Once you’ve done that, reformatting the USB is as simple as it gets.

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